Jalloh, JBC, local carpenter, Reverend Alusine Kargbo and his two sons on the front verandah of the centre

Jalloh and JBC fixing sockets in the control room / office space

Inside the Kamakwie Community Resource Centre - looking from the stage area towards the front of the building

Jalloh, JBC, Rev. Alusine Kargbo and a local carpenter inside the community centre and discussing the installation

A front view of the Kamakwie Community Resource Centre

The Kamakwie Community Resource Centre from the side

Kamakwie Community Resource Centre

  • Donors: Credit Express, Fair Trade Mining, Sella Community Development Project
  • Location: Kamakwie, Sierra Leone
  • Date Completed: August 2011
  • System Size: 1050 Watts
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 250
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: 1500

The Resource Centre is a new structure owned and managed by the Sella Community Development Project and is supported by Credit Express, UK, and Richard Meads, the Director of Fair Trade Mining. The coordinator of the Sella Community Development Project, Reverend Alusine Kargbo had seen the other EFO installations at the school and several other structures in Kamakwie and this is what inspired him to use solar energy to power the Community Resource Centre. They also wanted to avoid using a generator because of the high cost of fuel and oil.

The Community Resource Centre will host a community library and a quantity of books have already been obtained. They will provide educational books to suit all ages, from primary right through to tertiary students. The solar system provides lighting for the main circular building and a small office and control room as well as sockets throughout the building. The Reverend explained that they will operate six computers and that there will be a photocopier, a printer and an audio-visual system in the centre as well.

The community will have free access to this resource and it is expected to be a great asset for educational purposes. There is an expectation that the centre will also attract people from further away who wish to carry out research and use the resources available here to support their studies.