EFO trained researchers to conduct surveys for the FAO-FLEGT project

Fanny Koker helping with wiring after her training

Practical training is embedded in all EFO solar installations - here Jalloh guides trainees through mounting panels

The graduating class from the EFO programme at GTI technical institute in Freetown

Trainees from Gbendembu, Kamabai and Kamakwie that attended the solar training course provided by EFO at Gbendembu


Skills Training

Project Needs and Beneficiaries

Youth unemployment is a major challenge across the region and creates many potential societal risks. One of the causes of this issue  is  that  the generalized nature of many of the programmes does not provide students with the specialized skills required for the existing  or  emerging  job market. Furthermore the investment of solar skills in the next generation will provide the necessary foundation for the future dissemination of the technology at the country level. Training in the rural communities provides the necessary foundation for long term sustainability and maintenance of the systems.

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The objective of this programme is to establish solar electricity courses into the curriculum of higher education institutes in the region in a manner that allows for the continuation of the programme after the initial offering.  


  • Selecting higher education institutions in the partner countries
  • Design regional specific, solar electricity courses and courseware with the institutions
  • Train local teachers to continue the courses
  • Build on this to create complete Alternative Energy Programmes
  • Complete solar and administrative training in each of the communities with Community Charging Stations 

Potential Long Term Impact

Participants will gain immediate benefits with improved access to employment and livelihoods opportunities. The potential also exists for these students to expand the utilization of alternative energy technologies in the country, creating wide ranging social benefits.

Funding Information

Total Funding Goal: US$120,000

Total 2016-2017 Funding Goal: US$100,000

How To Help

  • $25   – Supplies one student with course materials
  • $100 – Provides a basic tool kit for one student
  • $250 – Supports the creation of a class lab

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