A large solar system, provided by UNICEF to this complex in Liberia was installed by EFO

EFO solar system for Welthungerhilfe, Artisanal Fisherman's Union and the Development Association offices in Tombo

EFO staff supported the installation of a 10kW system for Kambia District Council Offices

Mohamed installing one of EFO's first projects, supporting microfinance in Sierra Leone

solar lights are a viable clean alternative to kerosene lamps which can cause fires and are smoky


Promoting Solar

Project Needs and Beneficiaries

Grid supplied electricity is limited in Sierra Leone and many organizations and businesses are forced to rely on problematic diesel and fuel powered generators for their electricity supply. This not only contributes to environmental issues but also is a massive expense to organizations operating in the region. 

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EFO's objective is to support efforts to mainstream solar and other alternative energy technologies in the region. These projects not only promote the use of renewable, clean power generating options but also help raise vital core funds for the organization, that support its project activities in the region.


Energy For Opportunity works with a cross section of partners, including individual donors, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Government and private sector entities. We support their project work by providing technical guidance and installation services, ensuring that their activities are implemented to international standards for safety and quality.  

Potential Long Term Impact

Promoting solar through these types of projects will help to shift electricity generation away from existing modes towards safe, reliable and clean energy supply. By expanding the utilization of solar power, it will allow for the technology to gain acceptance and reach a broad cross section of residents, providing a vital alternative energy supply.  

Funding Information

Contact us directly for more information on how to work with Energy For Opportunity.

How To Help

Organizations looking to implement solar electricity projects in the region or interested in understanding what solar power can do for their projects are invited to contact us for details on how we can help you in your activities.