Mounting structure at Panguma being erected

First row of panels at Segbwema

Getting the Segbwema control room prepared

Mounting the first cluster of inverters at Segbwema

Panguma control room starting to come together

Completed array at Segbwema

Battery inverters at Segbwema

Ready to start supplying Segbwema!


Mini Grids

Project Needs and Beneficiaries

As energy services are introduced into communities the demand rapidly grows beyond the basics offered through Energy For Opportunity's original programmes. Without the option for connecting to the National grid still not available to the vast majority of Sierra Leone residents, localised mini-grids are the best option. These systems are the largest type that ENFO installs and provide grid services to allow businesses, households and communities to develop without the limitation of energy services.  

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The objective of the programme is to establish fifteen mini grids in five of the most underserviced Districts in the country; Kailahun, Kenema, Port Loko, Kambia and Bonthe. These systems will each be a minimum of 70kWp and provide power to a minimum of 100 households and 20 medium sized businesses within the target communities. With these types of advanced energy services the ability of the community to develop is vastly expanded, providing beenfits to the entire region.


  • Evaluation of communities for the need and want for mini-grid energy services
  • Completion of a management agreement between EFO and the host community; EFO to remain involved for technical support and co-management
  • Installation of specifically designed mini-grids for each community
  • The training of community owners/operators to maintain and operate their system
  • The training of community owner/operators in the management of the mini-grid 


Potential Long Term Impact

The long term impact of the mini-grid programme is to fundamentally shift the opportunities for the residents of these towns. Previous small scale mini-grid projects have highlighted the immediate and massive hanges that energy services provide to a town as new businesses develop, new services move into the area and the general affluance and development status of the citizens is expanded.

Funding Information

Total Funding Goal: US$6,000,000

2016-2017 Funding Goal: $1,200,000 

How To Help

  • $45   – Supplies one household meter
  • $100 – Provides training materials for a community member
  • $250 – Buys a distribution pole
  • $1000 - Allows for 10 households to be connected to the mini-grid