Monica Gbassay Kargba (centre) was unemployed until she received training from ENFO.

Kamabai Charging Station provides employment and makes revenue that went back into other solar projects in Kamabai

Gabriel Turay, right, is employed at the charging station at St Martin's orphanage

AKK, site manager, centre of a group of site employees at Kamaso, recently provided with an irriagation system

Kamaso in Koinadugu has been supported with a solar irrigation system to support their farming initiative

Musa, the chef at River No. 2 with a colleague and EFO staff - this system will support ecotourism at the resort



Project Needs and Beneficiaries

The majority of communities across the region do not have access to national electrical supply. Instead the vast majority of people have to rely on kerosene lanterns, battery powered lights or candles for their lighting needs and use non-rechargeable batteries for radios and other appliances such as cassette and CD players. Not only are these environmentally damaging but they represent a significant financial burden on families. Providing cost effective alternatives for access to modern lighting and energy is a necessary first step in promoting household and community development. 

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The objective of this programme is to establish thirty community charging stations in the three priority Districts of Kambia, Bombali and Koinadugu in Nothern Sierra Leone by the end of 2017. These centres will target Paramount Chiefdom Headquarter towns, with communities that have community health centres and senior secondary schools as the short term priorities. Each CCS will be owned by members of the community, who will be fully trained in their operation and maintenance. Rechargeable lanterns will also be introduced to reduce the reliance on costly, dangerous and unhealthy kerosene and other energy services such as refrigeration and water purification may be added based on community needs and demands.


  • Evaluation of communities for the need and want for community charging stations
  • Completion of a management agreement between EFO and the host community
  • Installation of specifically designed community charging stations for each community
  • The training of community owners/operators to maintain and operate their system
  • The training of community owner/operators in the management of the solar charging station as a community income generating business
  • Develop alternative solar energy projects with partner communities 

Potential Long Term Impact

Access to electricity has the potential for dramatic long term benefits. Energy provides the opportunity for increased study, work or leisure activities and this distribution method leaves it to the user to decide. There is a direct relationship between energy supply, education and income levels as each is largely reliant on the other in order to make significant improvements.

Funding Information

Total Funding Goal: US$400,000

2016-2017 Funding Goal: US$250,000

How To Help

  • $25   – Supplies one rechargeable study light to the CCS
  • $100 – Provides training materials for a community member
  • $250 – Buys a complete rechargeable home lighting kit

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