Jalloh was on the team that installed a solar system at the Welbodi Clinic in Koidu town

The Gbendembu Wesleyan clinic, powered up in May 2011

One of the outdoor lights placed at the main gate of Rokupa Govt. Hospital for security and emergencies

Kailahun Govt Hospital -the Administration Building

Kailahun Govt Hospital - Idrissa wiring the building



Project Needs and Beneficiaries

Access to health care represents a significant challenge especially in the rural areas. For example, in Sierra Leone one in four children are likely to die before their fifth birthday, and one in eight mothers will die during childbirth; figures higher than in any other country. Urgent support is needed to facilitate the establishment and development of health clinics, to help ensure that the people of in the region can live longer, healthier lives. The Free Maternal Health Care initiative launched in 2010 has increased the demand on all health facilities across Sierra Leone and has made the need for reliable and costs effective energy supply more acute.

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The initial objective of this programme is to install solar power systems in twenty-four community health centres and clinic in remote areas across the region. These systems will provide power for vaccine fridges, lighting and basic medical equipment. The programme will be implemented with local partners and government bodies to ensure this infrastructure will benefit those who need it the most and align with government policy in this sector.


  • Selecting twenty-four health clinics in remote areas where medical care is needed the most
  • Installation of specifically designed solar systems for each health clinic
  • Implementation will be in close partnership with national NGOs and Government bodies to ensure capacity is invested locally and aligns with policy and other activities
  • The training of health clinic staff and community groups to maintain and operate their system


Potential Long Term Impact

Providing power to rural health centres can immediately improve the quality of and access patients have to health care. This can dramatically improve the life of the affected communities by reducing the burdens associated with poor health. In the long run this can lead to improved incomes and development opportunities.

Funding Information

Total Funding Goal: US$240,000

Total 2016-2017 Funding Goal: US$160,000

How To Help

  • $25  - Supplies five fluorescent light bulbs
  • $100 - Purchases a solar light for a clinic 
  • $250 - Contributes to the installation of a solar electricity system

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