Map of West Africa

Our Strategy

Energy For Opportunity’s strategy is to develop innovative ways in which to both promote and implement the use of renewable energy. The emphasis therefore is not only on direct solar installation projects (in health clinics, schools, community centers etc.), but also on solar training for students in partnership with local education institutions and the active promotion of the use of renewable energies in the offices and projects of government bodies and international organizations. Thus the objective is not just to deliver renewable electricity through projects, but also instil a philosophy of renewable energy use across the broader community.

EFO focuses its work exclusively in West Africa, a region where the need for alternative forms of energy is greatest. It is a region that the United Nations ranks as having eight out of the twenty least developed countries in the world. Energy For Opportunity has established a locally managed regional office in Sierra Leone, an affiliate in Ghana and is developing programmes with other local partners in West Africa. The strategy being to establish long-term partnerships, with EFO providing any necessary expertise and support while increasing local technical capacity. This strategy is derived from EFO’s belief that any international organization working in a development setting should be striving to make their services redundant; the involvement of local partners is one key step in this process.

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