EFO's Director conducting a training workshop in eastern Uganda

EFO's Director Simon Willans conducting a training workshop in eastern Uganda

How We Formed

Energy For Opportunity’s two founders first met while living and working with Community Based Organizations in rural Uganda. This was an experience that introduced them both to the unique challenges that the African environment can present in the development and implementation of community-driven sustainable projects. This initial collaboration led to further opportunities in Sierra Leone and Liberia through work with the Environmental Foundation for Africa, where they implemented a large-scale solar electricity installation project in twelve schools and health clinics in refugee affected areas across Liberia. This was soon followed with further solar installations on Tiwai Island, an eco-tourism and research site in the south-east of Sierra Leone.

The above projects were not only a great success, but also provided a variety of learning experiences relating to the challenges and opportunities that  the implementation of renewable energy projects in the region could present. It was evident that renewable energy was being heavily underutilized in West Africa, a technology that could play a major role in addressing deficit in energy supply that the majority of the region’s populace face. Energy For Opportunity naturally grew out of these experiences, the creation of an organization that aims to effectively and efficiently disseminate renewable energy to areas in Africa where the need is greatest. The organization has continued to evolve as other partners have joined and contributed their experiences and areas of expertise.